The PPE Process™ and the Characters of the Mind

Path to Personal Excellence (PPE) is about reaching your potential, becoming your unique self and living a fulfilled, healthy and happy life! It’s reaching the unique potential that is in each one of us! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has this potential, but many do not know how to bring it to life. Achieving personal excellence is simple, but not easy. It requires a process and a relationship. A process of developing your unique purpose, preparing, doing the work and having the persistence to see life’s jabs and knockout blows not as failure, but as lessons to propel us forward. To explain further:

The PPE Process™

1. Purpose

This is the reason, or the “why” you do what you do.

2. Preparation

This is the behind the scenes work that needs to consistently take place. This outlines “how” you are going to achieve your purpose.

3. Performance

This is the execution, or “what” you must do to bring your purpose to life.

4. Persistence

This is the vital personality trait that can and must be developed to achieve personal excellence and requires developing a strong relationship with 4 characters that live in your mind.

Once you learn the process, you will only move to action if you master the relationship with the Family of 4.

Characters of the Mind: The Family of 4

1. “Mama” Nancy Negativity

She is the prehistoric feature built in the mind that creates a negativity bias. She takes the positive experiences and quickly forgets them compared to something equally emotional but negative. This leads to constant negative recurrences of regret, harm and having bad experiences influence your life instead of the good. Now on to Nancy’s husband and kids; they are responsible for creating your happiness set point.

2. “Papa” Ralph Resistance

He is the most toxic of them all! He is responsible for more people not achieving their potential than anyone else in the family. He is the part of the mind standing in the way of anything that requires acting toward long term growth or health. He is the part of the mind that is responsible for coming up with every reason why you will never reach your potential, workout or learn something new. He justifies distractive behaviors (i.e. excessive cell phone / social media use) and feeds you reasons that get in the way of acting toward your purpose. He uses his kids (below) to prevent us from doing our work! You will never conquer him, you just need to understand and become aware of him!

3. Jamie Judgement

This is the minds tendency to simplify the complexity of life. Its “either or” labeling like “Good or Bad”, “Right or Wrong”, “like or dislike”. This type of thinking leads to seeing only problems, not possibilities. Potential enemies, not friends and when you combine this with Mama Nancy Negativity it leaves you only seeing what is wrong with the world, people and ourselves!

4. Andy Attachment

He is the root of all human suffering. He springs grief and fear. He is alive anywhere you believe you have something to lose. He brings us toward what we want, which is why behind every attachment is the desire for permanence. If unchecked, he causes grief, worry, anger, sadness and will create unfavorable health and well-being. If you can begin to eliminate attachment, you can eliminate grief and fear.

Hopefully you can see that the cause that holds us back is rooted from the relationship and ability to deal with this family of four characters. Your relationship with these characters dictates the actions, or lack thereof taken toward the process. They are the root of all happiness and evil in your life. They are the people that are holding you back from achieving your potential and reaching personal excellence.

The potential for excellence is within you, regardless of your current circumstances, the ability to achieve excellence can start anytime and any place, but requires you to act. Start small and work for at least 15 minutes a day and you will be amazed at what you will accomplish! If that doesn’t work, reach out and I can assist!

Be your best and go easy on yourself!

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